Welcom to France Vignobles

FRANCE VIGNOBLES is specialised in Bordeaux vineyards and chateaux:
- for the reorganisation of wineries
- for the transfer of property
- for sales and acquisitions.

FRANCE VIGNOBLES offers you a multi-disciplinary platform of all the competencies required for the success of your projects, encompassing professionals in agricultural economics, finance, law, wine techniques and oenology.
They all work as a team with a strong local presence and a thorough knowledge of the Bordeaux vineyards.

FRANCE VIGNOBLES coordinates the services of all these professionals on your behalf, offering you:
- an all-in-one service
- a single contact
to ensure maximum efficacy.

FRANCE VIGNOBLES also helps and advises foreign investors in their wine-related projects.
We have representatives abroad in the major producing or investing countries, from Spain to China, from Chile to the United States.
We are actively seeking foreign investors and active partnerships interested in French and Bordeaux vineyards.

In France, FRANCE VIGNOBLES is particularly grower-oriented:
- for the preservation of their family property in difficult economic conditions,
- for the transfer of their winery in the best possible conditions,
- for the sale of their business at its premium value,
- for developing their business through the take-over of wineries,
- for investing in the safest possible way.

The PRIVILEGES CENTRE offers you personalised vineyard-specific information. You also benefit from on-line advice for quick communications. Video-conferencing facilities are also available, for live discussions and negotiations.

FRANCE VIGNOBLES is your guarantee of the confidentiality of its assignment and of the information provided.